LICK SPA is providing all types of threesome sex session for all age couples at home and hotels in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Virar. We are expertise in Cuckolding, Double Penetration, FMF, Bisexual and Roleplay Fetish. Every couple clients can get customize 3some session according to their sexual fantasy and physical needs. that’s why, 3some session duration flexible 2hr to 6hrs depends on couples requirements, more requirements more services. If you are a couple and have some 3some fantasy such as cuckolding, bisexual, softcore foreplay, double penetration, etc then please call us and get fulfilled your all desire sexual fantasy.

Cuckold Threesome

Softcore 3some

Softcore 3some is just romantic foreplay between two men and a woman, there is no hardcore sex involved, no oral, no penetration. Mostly, couples who have not much experience of cuckolding, swapping and 3some lifestyle, or who want to try 3some for the first time, they all are couples prefer Softcore 3some. some couples prefer to play erotic truth or dare game or other naughty activities in the softcore threesome.


The sex therapist act roleplay of surprise gift, where cuckold husband blindfolds his wife, then the therapist who’s been hiding around to come to join them. and by the time she realizes that she’s getting lick and fuck by someone else. She makes that fake shocked expression which soon changes to moans of pleasures. and the husband gets ejaculation while watching them.


A cuckold is a married man whose wife or girlfriend is sexually active other men. some men have a cuckolding fantasy about to watching their wife having sex with another man in front of them. basically, all men are cuckold who experienced 3some with other men.

LICK SPA gets couple clients from Social Media, Google Search, Some Classified Sites, References from existing clients. We have all profile clients based in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan – Dombivli, Vasai – Virar. Also some traveler, foreigner clients called for outcall erotic massage and sex therapy at their hotel in Mumbai.

We highly maintain 100% privacy and security. that’s why we never saved our clients contact details and never asked them any personal details. Most importantly we never exchange our couple clients contact details to other existing couples clients for swapping or 4some. we never do that unprofessional thing.

Best thing is that we have only one sex therapist who gives 3some sex sessions for all age couples in Mumbai. He is Tony Phoker certified masseur and sex therapist who has 400+ huge threesome experienced since 2011.



Forced Bisexual is mostly seen in BDSM relationships where the dominant is a wife and the submissive is husband. and wife forces a husband to engage in sexual activities with another man as the submissive. It is a form of demonstrating and humiliation.


FFM is a threesome that involves two females and a male and includes lesbian play between two females. It happens when one female is lesbian and other one bisexual. The male sex therapist has sex with the bisexual female and same time she having sex with a lesbian female partner.


Bisexual 3some is that involves two males and a female and includes bisexual play between the two men. commonly, bisexual husband looking for another man who can have a 3some sex with both of them. the therapist has sex with both husband and wife.



Mostly females prefer anal sex for extra sexual pain. but sometimes couples not able to get anal sex because of husband suffering from erection dysfunction or he has very big size cock. in that case, couples searching for another man who can give them hardcore anal sex experience with amazing pleasures


FMF is a threesome that involves two females and a male but does not include any bisexual activities between the two females. The therapist has softcore as well as hardcore sex with both females. very commonly the therapist performs oral sex and penetration at the same time.


Double Penetration is the best position when you think of hardcore 3some. Where two men having sex with a single female at the same time. when husband and the therapist penetrated their cock inside wife’s pussy, they all get huge friction and fantastic pleasures. sometimes anal sex involved in double penetration.

Best thing is that we have expert sex therapist who gives 3some sex sessions for all age couples in Mumbai. He is Tony Phoker certified masseur and sex therapist who has 400+ huge threesome experienced since 2011.

We don't have Female Therapist