Nowadays, the number of spa center and massage parlors has increased rapidly. There is a general perception among people that spa therapies get rid of stress and people have body massages to relieve stress. While the fact is that body massage and spa therapies benefit the whole body.

An interesting fact about body massage is that it increases the weight of premature children and reduce the fat of mature people. Body massage and spa therapies are so beneficial for our body, mind, and soal. It is the best way to relieve stress with relaxing pleasures. That’s why its popularity is increasing day by day. LICK SPA is providing 100+ variety of body massage with amazing benefits of spa therapies.

“LICK SPA offer most beneficial massage for men, women, and couples according to clients muscles needs and sexual fantasy”

These are the following benefits of body massage and spa therapy.

  1. Increase the efficiency of the Muscles and Organs: The biggest advantage of body massage is that it increase the efficiency of body organs. The pressure on some specific pressure points during energetic massage is enhanced by the efficiency of the skeletal muscles and internal organs and you feel better and energy charged. Thai, Foot reflexology, sports, and deep-tissue are best for energetic spa therapy at LICK SPA Mumbai.
  1. Increase the flexibility of the muscles: Body massage can reduce muscle tension and the becomes flexible. Body massage helps muscles smoothing during exercise and intense workout. Lymphatic drainage massage techniques are the best way to increase the flexibility of the muscles by spa therapy at LICK SPA Mumbai.
  1. Stress Relief: body massage provides complete relief from physical stiffness and mental stress. It has been proved by many research that spa therapies are helpful in reducing hormone cortisol levels. Swedish and Aroma Therapy are best for stress relief and relaxation at LICK SPA Mumbai.
  1. Helpful in Weight Loss: body massage does not only reduce the level of fatigue and stress but also reduce body weight. Kneading and stroking massage techniques are helps to burn body fat and maintain muscles density. Nowadays, all gym instructors and family doctors insist on body massage for weight loss. Abdominal Massage is the best choice for weight reduces at LICK SPA Mumbai.
  1. Blood Circulation: Some people avoid exercise because of office workload, so their body doesn’t get enough blood circulation. Blood pressure in the body remains intact without diligence and exercise by the body massage. In order to keep the blood circulation smooth, the muscles need nutrients as well as adequate oxygen. All body massage and spa therapy improve blood circulation at LICK SPA Mumbai.
  1. Pain Relief: body massage provides relief in pain from some specific spa therapies. It works as a natural pain reliever, which provides pain relief by reducing muscles stiffness. If you have a headache or back pain or foot pain, then you can take extreme pain relief massage at LICK SPA Mumbai.
  1. Deep Sleep Assistant: Good sleep does not have any luck at all. Many people complain about not having a deep sleep at night or suffering from insomnia. If you do regular massage, you will get better sleep at night. body massage promotes to produced somatostatin secret hormones in the body which help to detoxify and improved healthy sleep.
  1. Reduce Swelling: If you have a long period of swelling in any part of your body then doing abhyanga massage with ayurvedic oil or med balm can prove to be beneficial. During abhyanga massage, oil or med balm penetrate into the skin and increases pressure on the nerves of the inflammatory parts of the body and reduce swelling. Only abhyanga massage is best for reducing swelling.
  1. Rejuvenating of Skin Tone: The lost color of the skin can come back from the body scrubbing and aroma massage therapy. Massage helps to reduced skin tanning and removed dead skin cells. Which makes your skin clean, dry and hydrated. Facial and Body scrubbing are best spa therapies for rejuvenation of skin tone at LICK SPA Mumbai.
  1. Orgasms Pleasures: some people are not able to achieve satisfied orgasms pleasures regularly, because of their health issue, workload, mental stress or shortage of free time. Some massage therapies provide you amazing orgasm pleasures with complete satisfaction. Breast Grooming massage, Yoni Massage, Prostate Lingam Massage, Couple Massage are best therapies to get multiple orgasms pleasures at LICK SPA Mumbai.

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