What is Breast Worship?

Breast Worship: The fetishism and worship of breast are almost non-existent in comparison to the worship and fetishism of Mistress’s breasts. They are considered highly sexual body areas that promote arousal when interacted with. Breasts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their worship ranges from a desire for oversized, implanted breasts all the way down to flat-chested individuals.

LICK SPA is providing best erotic breast grooming massage and breast worship for all age women and couples at home and hotels in Mumbai, India. our therapists do worship in following 4 steps, erotic massage, soft and hard kneading, squeezing boobs, nipples – tits sucking passionately and sexy comments on boobs. Providing verbal compliments toward breasts is one of the most basic elements of tit worship. Complimenting them on their shape and size is common, as well as detailing the positive attributes of the skin and way that they feel. I give verbal compliments include saying things such as “your breast are so large” and “they are so soft and juicy”. “I wish I could kiss them” or “I want you to rub them all over my face”.

“LICK SPA offer Breast Worship including breast massage, nipples sucking, for women and couples client at home and hotel in Mumbai.”

Physical touching is an important part of til worship. Stroking breast with hands or providing oral contact in the form of kissing and licking these engage in Breast Worship. The usage of hands is likely to be the most common action undertaken.
Breast smothering is a femdom practice that can be inflicted upon both me and female client. The Mistress will use her breasts to cover my face individual, typically for a sustained period of time. the main focus of the breast smothering placed upon the mouth and nose regions, this is because of the close links between smothering and breath play.

Older women may experience more success with breast smothering, as the malleability and size of breasts get greater with age. The age aspect of breast smothering also reinforces the element of domination and seniority, which is particularly effective at establishing power dynamics in BDSM relationships.

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