What is Foot Worship?

Foot Worship: It is the activity of a slave undertaking several activities in order to admire, appreciate and show a sexual attraction toward a Mistress’s feet. There are a number of ways that the activity of foot worship can be undertaken. LICK SPA has an independent gigolo who offers foot worship, foot sucking, toes sucking, feet fetish, BDSM Humiliation services for all age ladies and couples at home and hotels in Mumbai, India.

When it comes to the niche of female domination, many consider the worshiping of feet to be the most popular and accepted medium by which it is undertaken. There does not always have to be an exchange of power or domination during a foot fetish activity, It would be wise to appreciate that the purpose of this is to focus purely on ways in which it is used to heighten and enhance power exchanges between slave and mistresses.

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Foot fetishes can take place in a number of fashions, with the most usual being one where the Mistress is sitting down at a chair or another location and having her feet on the floor where the male escort can approach and admire them. Worshiping of the feet can start with shoes on or off, but generally, the fetish revolves around both footwear and the feet themselves. ( our male escorts never give boot worship, we don’t touch footwear) the male escort has slight might start by licking all of the toes individually and rubbing the arches.

Additional elements might include a verbal association with the worshiping that is saying something such as “these feet are wonderful” and ” I love your toes”. Foot worshiping also has associations with the exchange of power and as such, the verbal indication of dominance can be given by the mistress. Some foot worshipers might like the idea of their bodies being hit, spanked, whipped or otherwise abused in some fashion while they worship feet. It depends on the individual and also on what the mistress desires the worshiper to feel.

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