What is Kiss Therapy and Body Worship?

Kiss Therapy: the therapist does kisses on client’s entire body, lips, forehead, cheeks, entire face, neck, back, butts, inner thighs, hands, boobs, belly, vagina and entire naked body with passionately and feather moves it’s called Kiss Therapy. also, It’s called Body Worship. where the therapist does licking client’s entire body very passionately. LICK SPA offer kiss therapy and body worship multiple times at erotic massage and sex therapy session. Some clients can even achieve orgasm from being kissed in the right place, even with no contact with the client’s genitals. There are kisses for just about every emotion and occasion.

The therapist set a romantic mood and start with a series of slow, closed-mouth kisses before gradually varying the openness and speed of client continued smooching. the heighten the intensity of the kiss by moving his hands along the client’s body and planting a few kisses on the neck or elsewhere. When performed with skill and feeling, there is no greater expression of desire than a passionate kiss.

kissing therapy is the act of relaxing the oral and facial muscles by licking and drooling on them. In some places, these therapists can do for 10-20 minutes and multiple times during my Signature Body Massage. it is the most common, most seen expression of love and adoration. It is not a secret that kissing does have emotional benefits particularly among people who are in intimate relationships. A kiss can satisfy a longing heart and calm down feelings of anger.

LICK SPA is providing Kiss Therapy in the following process.

  1. Lips: This begins with eye contact with the client while the therapist’s faces are in close proximity. When his lips touch the position one whereby upper lip is nuzzled between the client’s lips and his lower lip is just below their lower lip. The motion of kissing is much like as someone a peck on the cheek. The therapist presses his lips on their skin, then pucker his lips, then release. When making out he is basically giving the client a series of pecks on the lips, but drawing each one out to last longer. The therapist maintains lip contact between and during each drawn out peck.
  2. Ears: They’re a great spot for kissing. The therapist gently sucks on client’s earlobe and run his tongue behind her ear. This is a good place to kiss during therapy.
  3. Neck: The therapist suck on client’s necks just as he is about to reach his peak climax. The pressure of his lips againstthe client’s skin will amplify the buildup, the therapist has been feeling inside and create an even more powerful need for that heavenly release. The skin on the sides of the neck is some of the necks is some of the most sensitive on the body. he gives kisses slowly, sensual kisses with the minimal section. Drag the smooth, wet skin of his inner lips slowly over her skin and the therapist will already start to hear her moan softly. Neck kisses can go from just below client’s earlobe, down to just over her collarbone. The therapist spoons her from behind and kisses the nape of her neck as he sensually stroke her hair.
  4. Back:A woman’s back is like sculpted artwork. The therapist kisses downward from her nape as lightly as he can. The therapist hold client tight as this will cause her body to break out in Goosebumps. The therapist runs his tongue back and forth along the roof of client’s mouth. the more unique the sensation, the more exciting it is for her. the therapist gently biting her back and shoulders, spots on her body that can take a little roughhousing. Place the skin lightly between his teeth and pull; then run his tongue around the area and kiss it. therapist kiss client’s nape lightly, leaving it just a little bit wet. Then gently breathe warm air from his nose on it. Kiss it some more, then lightly blow cool air on the spot. the therapist will send shivers down her spine. Just inside her hipbones along her waist is a hotspot with great potential for pleasure. The therapist Kissing and sucking here stimulates some of the glands running to her genitals. It’s a great teaser for what lies ahead. This is one of the sexiest areas on a woman’s body. It’s also one of the most sensitive. he running his fingers lightly over it, even through jeans can excite client.
  5. Breast:breasts are the most sexually sensitive part of a woman’s body. Some client can even achieve orgasm just from having them kissed. Anywhere on either breast is highly sensual, but the nipple is the most sensitive part. The therapist can usually kiss the breasts harder than other body parts, but therapists always keep in mind that every client is different. Strong groping and sucking might feel amazing to one woman, but painful to another.

The therapist starts kissing her breasts slowly and gently. Gradually he starts to apply more pressure, squeeze and suck a little harder, and press the client’s nipple tighter between his lips ‘not his teeth’. The client will give him cues as to whether she wants more.

Benefits of Kiss Therapy

• Relieves Stress
• Improves blood circulation
• Improves Immunity
• Face gloving
• Relaxes Muscles
• Increases Sexual hormones
• Increases Sex drive
• Happy married life

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